Questions & Answers

Here are answers to some of the questions we are asked most often. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please contact us.

Will the same persons doing my design session be the same artist on the day of my event / wedding?
Yes absolutely
Do you provide a touch up service?
Yes we  introduced a touch up service last year due to a high number of brides asking us, especially brides that have a early ceremony time, more information about this and our half day service is on the Bridal Pricing page.
What will I need for touch ups for the day?
Brides and bridesmaids will need a lipstick, gloss, compact, for hair we suggest a small can of hairspray and a few extra pins, you can source these off our artists and can be arranged at the design session stage.
If cancel do I get a refund of my deposit?
The deposits of 35% of your total booking are non-refundable once paid as your artist\artists will immediately declined other bookings for that day and is your artist\artsits exclusively therefore we advise a trial with your chosen artist\artists before booking.
If I reduce my numbers do I get penalised?
We understand things can change but when the booking is made the artists have allocated this time for you and your bridal party there for not booking any additional work in either before, there is a penalty of $50.00 per persons that you cancel.
What about the artists and their experience?
As Angela has hand picked and interviewed all of her artists personally you can be reassured in the quality and many years of experience of the artists. We are all in the business because we are passionate and fabulous at what we do. Refer to: http://www.sparklingbellemakeupartistry.com.au/about-us/
What products do your team use and will it last?
We have a section about this on our About Us page on the website.
How much is the deposit?
A deposit of 35% of your total booking is payable directly to Sparkling Belle and this  this locks the artist for your day and comes off the balance due . All balances are then payable directly your artists 7 days prior to the event date, we don't hold dates open for any longer than 4 weeks from your initial enquiry unless a deposit has been received directly to Sparkling Belle. No cash and we only accept Direct Deposits.
When should I book my wedding?
We suggest sooner rather than later we are happy to take bookings anytime this gives you the reassurance that your artists are booked and no stress of finding a great artist at the last minute, all great artists do get booked up early.
Where is the design session held?
A lot of the artists arrange design sessions at their home studios but are also flexible and can come to you (depending on existing bookings). This is arranged with the artists directly when they contact you.
I would like my design session for hair and makeup together is this possible?
We always try our hardest to work with you the client and your needs but we do also have existing appointments that we will have to work around, our suggestion is to book your deign session ASAP to avoid disappointment.
Why do I need a design session?
We strongly advise a design session as this will reassure you of your chosen look and your time to meet the artists to establish rapport.
How long is the designs session and how much?
You will have allocated 1.5 hours if your having your hair and makeup together the artists will work either on you at the same time or arrange a different time for them to come. The design sessions\trials are all payable to Sparkling Belle confirm direct with Angela the pricing as it varies from Package to Package. Refer to: http://www.sparklingbellemakeupartistry.com.au/design-sessions/
When should I book a design session in?
We like to arrange a design session ASAP with you no later than 3 months before your event/wedding day.
What’s involved in a design session?
A design session is your preview/ look for the day of your event/wedding, we go through what your thinking and then we will work with you, considering your own hair length, thickness , face shape, skin type etc to achieve the look your after. We will also discuss your bridesmaids looks to establish timings for the day as well. Refer to: http://www.sparklingbellemakeupartistry.com.au/design-sessions/
What if my artist is ill on the day of the booking?
Being that we have a team of experienced artists in each city this is something you can feel reassured that if this rare occasion happened we will send another artist/artists from the team.