Design Sessions (Trials)

Design Sessions are an introduction to the artists for your day and to exchange ideas for your look. This time is invaluable and we ask you to be prepared with photos of the look you want to achieve. If you’re unsure the artist will suggest ideas for your tone, shaped face and your dress style and theme.

We allocate 1.5 hrs for this as this is time for you and the artist to achieve if not one look a few.

We do try and accommodate the hair and makeup sessions together but this is not always possible depending on the artist’s schedule so please book your design sessions well in advance to avoid any disappointment. (Saturday mornings aren’t available in the peak months)

We suggest at least one bridesmaid to have a design session as well to eliminate any time issues on your day. The artists will work out the schedule for your day to work within your photographer and ceremony times; the last thing we want is to rush so we take the approach of allowing more than enough time so your day flows.

  • Design Sessions / Trials
    • These are all included in our bridal and event packages. If you're wanting your design session before booking that's fine, however you will still need to choose a suitable package.