Experience and Excellence

Sparkling Belle Makeup Artistry and Hairs team across Australia have no less than 5 years and some more than 20 years experience in the bridal industry. Our team of artists are from Australia and from across the globe. We are truly lucky that we have the professional artists we have in our strong team.

The team is headed by Angela Skinner professional makeup artist (since 2003) originally from Melbourne now based in Perth, she was trained in her bridal makeup artistry by one of the best bridal hair and makeup artists in Perth (Sharryn Sinclair – now creative director at WASP).

Angela has also a strong corporate management background in client services (over 15 years ) she saw a need in the bridal industry for not only fantastic experienced bridal hair and makeup artists but that they can also provide a excellent client service which has been lacking in the industry.

We continually make sure when the opportunity arises locally and internationally that we know to be the best in the bridal industry ,we join forces with other experienced artists through workshops, certified courses and one on one sessions with acclaimed hair and makeup artists. We do this yearly and it shows in our amazing work which you can view in our gallery.

The whole experience for the bride should flow from start to finish.


We believe in using a high grade of products on our clients, we don’t believe in telling our specialists to use any one particular brand as that would be a disadvantage to you the client.

Knowing what products have great longevity with freshness on different types of finishes to suit your skin, and hair come through knowledge and skill how to use them this can’t be learned straight out of a hair and makeup school, industry experience is the key.

There are so many products out there that our clients are not aware of we are continually experimenting and researching our knowledge of products and skill through courses provided from cosmetic companies and other experienced artists in the industry that most people aren’t aware of. There are many products out there that are being used in the incorrect way but we make sure we inform ourselves of new products , the latest technology and skill on how to use them to get the best results for you.

We will advise you what products will be best for you and to complete your bridal look including bridal hair accessories and cosmetics for the day.

Our Favourite Brands: